Portland Timbers Unveiled

Sky candy’s Stadium Spectacle

About This Project

Skycandy was thrilled to partner with the Portland Timbers to create an exclusive FPV drone video, offering fans an immersive tour of their beloved stadium. Our goal was to capture the essence of the Timbers’ home ground, from the electric atmosphere of the stands to the behind-the-scenes areas like the locker room, providing a comprehensive and engaging experience for viewers.

Our drone expertly navigated the impressive stadium, showcasing the architectural features and meticulously maintained playing field that make it such an iconic venue. As we soared through the stands, the footage captured the excitement and passion that define the Timbers’ fanbase, evoking the energy of game day even in an empty stadium. Venturing into the locker room, our drone provided a rare glimpse into the players’ sanctuary, revealing the preparations and rituals that take place before they step onto the field.

Skycandy’s Portland Timbers tour video is a visual celebration of the team’s storied history and unwavering fan support. By offering viewers a unique and intimate perspective of the stadium, we’ve created an unforgettable experience that deepens the connection between the Timbers and their loyal supporters, while igniting anticipation for the next exhilarating match.