Sun Country Soars

Sky candy’s Aerial Adventure

About This Project

Sky Candy had the unique opportunity to collaborate with Sun Country Airlines for an extraordinary FPV drone video, taking viewers on a captivating journey through their airplane hangar and the interior of one of their planes. Our mission was to showcase the attention to detail, commitment to safety, and the excellent customer experience that Sun Country Airlines is known for, all while providing an engaging and immersive visual experience.

Our drone skillfully navigated the expansive airplane hangar, revealing the dedicated team of professionals and state-of-the-art equipment responsible for maintaining and preparing Sun Country’s fleet for safe and efficient travel. The footage captured the intricate processes and rigorous inspections that ensure every aircraft is ready for takeoff. As our drone entered the cabin of the plane, viewers were treated to an exclusive look at the comfortable and inviting interiors, showcasing the amenities and thoughtful design that make Sun Country a preferred choice for travelers.

Sky Candy’s Sun Country Airlines video is a captivating exploration of the inner workings of a thriving airline, celebrating the dedication and passion of the people who make every flight possible. By offering viewers an unprecedented perspective of the airplane hangar and cabin, we’ve created a memorable experience that highlights the commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction that define Sun Country Airlines.