Sky Candy Studios’ Aerial Mastery Shines on MLB Opening Day at Wrigley Field, Chicago, IL

A Soaring Start to MLB Opening Day in Chicago

Chicago buzzed with excitement as the MLB Opening Day unfolded at the iconic Wrigley Field. Sky Candy Studios, a Chicago-based professional drone photography and video service, collaborated with the Chicago Cubs to mark this day with a spectacular drone video that took social media by storm. The project, spotlighted by Sports Video Group, showcased the top-tier drone technology and the heart-beat of Chicago – Wrigley Field.

The Confluence of Technology and Artistry

As the drone soared through the historic Wrigley Field and its bustling neighborhood, Wrigleyville, on a game day, viewers were treated to an eye-popping visual journey. The collaboration between Sky Candy Studios’ Mike Welsh and the Chicago Cubs’ Joe Rios brought to life a visual narrative that resonated with baseball aficionados and Chicagoans alike​. The meticulous planning and professional drone expertise of Sky Candy Studios were instrumental in navigating the challenges posed by capturing live footage amidst the energetic ambiance of a game day.

Capturing the Essence of Chicago

This project transcended beyond aerial imagery; it captured the lively spirit and architectural allure of Chicago. Each frame captured by our drones told a story, rendering a fresh perspective to the iconic Wrigley Field and reflecting the vibrant culture of Chicago. It was not just about the game; it was about narrating the Chicago story from a perspective that viewers hardly ever get to see, setting a new benchmark in professional drone videography.

Sky Candy Studios – Your Gateway to Chicago’s Aerial Narrative

Sky Candy Studios continues to redefine the boundaries of what’s possible with professional drone technology in Chicago. The MLB Opening Day project at Wrigley Field is a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering captivating aerial imagery and narratives.

Revel in the full spectacle of our MLB Opening Day drone adventure at Wrigley Field by exploring the featured article on Sports Video Group. Witness how Sky Candy Studios is elevating Chicago’s visual storytelling, one drone flight at a time.

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