Sky Candy Studios Showcases Wrigley Field and Its Fans with Drone Technology

An Aerial Homage to Wrigley Field and Chicago Cubs Fans

Sky Candy Studios embarked on a heartfelt project to honor the spirit of Wrigley Field and the loyal Chicago Cubs fans. Our expert drone team used high-tech drones to capture the essence of this beloved stadium, as seen in a WGN TV segment.

Top-Notch Drone Photography at Wrigley Field

We take pride in our drone photography skills, and our Wrigley Field tribute is a clear reflection of this. We flew over the stadium, capturing its unique vibe and the excitement of Cubs fans in a new and dynamic way.

Celebrating Cubs Fans from Above

Our video is more than just great shots; it’s a tribute to the Cubs fans and a showcase of what drone technology can do. At Sky Candy Studios, we bring stories to life from the sky.

New Perspectives on Chicago’s Famous Ballpark

Our work in drone photography gives everyone a fresh way to see Wrigley Field. This project puts a spotlight on the stadium’s charm and the energy of its fans.

Discover the Sky View of Wrigley Field

Check out the full story behind our Wrigley Field video on WGN TV. It’s an adventure that gives Cubs fans and others a unique view of this famous ballpark.

Tell Your Story with Sky Candy Studios’ Drone Skills

Want to see your project from a different angle? Reach out to Sky Candy Studios for professional drone photography services. Visit our website or contact us to begin your own sky-high journey!

Learn more about our Wrigley Field project for Cubs fans and read the WGN TV article here.

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