NHL Winter Classic Soars

Sky candy’s Icy Aerials

About This Project

Sky Candy had the immense pleasure of collaborating with the NHL to create an exhilarating FPV drone video for the 2022 NHL Winter Classic, held at the iconic Target Field in Minnesota. Our objective was to capture the excitement and action of this highly anticipated event, showcasing both the stunning transformation of the stadium and the intense competition on the ice.

Our drone glided gracefully through Target Field, revealing the awe-inspiring metamorphosis of the stadium into a winter wonderland, complete with a professional ice rink at its center. The breathtaking footage showcased the impressive scale and meticulous preparations that went into creating a truly unforgettable venue for this outdoor hockey spectacle. As we descended closer to the ice, our drone provided an unparalleled view of the NHL players showcasing their exceptional skills and fierce determination in front of thousands of passionate fans.

Sky Candy’s NHL Winter Classic video is a captivating blend of action and atmosphere, transporting viewers to the heart of this extraordinary event. By capturing the magic of Target Field and the electrifying spirit of the players on the ice, we’ve created a visual tribute to the passion and dedication that define the world of professional hockey.