Konami’s Virtual Stars

Sky candy’s Immersive Journey

About This Project

Sky Candy had the unique opportunity to collaborate with Konami, the renowned video game developer, for an exclusive FPV drone video that took viewers inside their headquarters during the creation of their latest soccer game. Our mission was to capture the cutting-edge technology and innovative processes employed by the talented Konami team, as they worked on 3D scanning soccer players for an immersive gaming experience.

Our drone navigated the bustling Konami workspace with precision, revealing the dedicated professionals and advanced equipment responsible for bringing virtual soccer stars to life. The footage provided a rare glimpse into the intricate 3D scanning process, showcasing the attention to detail and accuracy that Konami is known for. As the drone flew through the headquarters, viewers could appreciate the creative atmosphere and collaborative spirit that drive the company’s ongoing success.

Sky Candy’s Konami video is a captivating look at the fusion of technology and artistry that defines the world of video game development. By taking viewers behind the scenes of the 3D scanning process and immersing them in the heart of Konami’s headquarters, we’ve created an unforgettable experience that celebrates the innovative spirit and unwavering dedication of the people who bring our favorite virtual worlds to life.