Soaring Over Wrigley

A Sky candy Cubs Tribute

About This Project

As avid Cubs fans and drone enthusiasts at Sky Candy, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to create an FPV (first-person view) drone video of the iconic Wrigley Field in honor of fan appreciation. Armed with our trusty drone, we embarked on a breathtaking aerial journey to showcase not only the legendary stadium but also the vibrant surrounding neighborhoods. The goal was simple: to capture the spirit of this incredible community and the love we all share for the Cubs.

Taking off from the bustling streets, our drone soared through the air, offering a unique perspective of the Wrigleyville neighborhood. The vivid colors of the rooftops and the friendly waves of fellow Cubs fans filled the screen, truly emphasizing the passion that binds us together. As the drone approached the stadium, the excitement only grew. Weaving in and out of the stadium’s architectural gems, it was impossible not to feel a connection to the rich history of the Cubs. The grand finale? A spectacular view of the field, where so many unforgettable moments have taken place. This fan appreciation video by Sky Candy is more than just a visual feast; it’s a love letter to the Cubs and the community that supports them.